• Portrait of an Unknown Woman.

    Lithuanian Art Museum

  • Christine Gerhardi Frank. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    Christine Gerhardi Frank (around 1780 – after 1823) was an Austrian singer and music tutor, and the wife of doctor Josef Frank. She sang at charitable concerts and performances that enriched cultural life in Vilnius.

  • Josef Frank. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    Josef Frank (1771–1842) was from Baden-Württemberg and was a doctor, Vilnius University professor (1804–1823) and the founder of many medical and charitable institutions in Vilnius.

  • Self-portrait with a Palette. Circus 1825.

    Lithuanian Art Museum

  • Maciej Barankiewicz. 1823. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    Maciej Barankiewicz. (1769–1829) was a doctor of Vilnius St. Jacob Hospital and a member of Vilnius Medical Society.

  • Self-portrait. Circus 1830.

    Lithuanian Art Museum

  • Jan Sniadecki. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    Jan Sniadecki (1756–1830) was a mathematician, astronomer, Vilnius University professor (1806–1825) and Rector (1807–1815) and the Head of the Astronomical Observatory at Vilnius University (1807–1825).

  • Self-portrait with a Fez. Circus 1810. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    J. Rustem painted many self-portraits. He liked to highlight his oriental descent in them and depicted himself smoking a long Turkish pipe and wearing a red Turkish fez on his head. Especially popular was “Self-portrait with a Fez”, which was painted in several versions and repeated in different periods of J. Rustem’s life.

  • Medard Koncza. Circus 1830. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    Medard Koncza (1808–1899) was a lawyer and alumnus of Vilnius University. He participated in the insurrections of 1831 and 1863.

  • Tekla Fiorentini with her Granddaughter. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    Tekla Fiorentini (1772–1829) was the wife of Francesco Fiorentini, an Italian merchant who established the first haberdashery in Vilnius, and the mother of Antonio Fiorentini. She was painted with her granddaughter, whose name was also Tekla

  • Barbara Szumska. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    Barbara Szumska (died 1840) was the daughter of landlords Wawrzyniec Szumski and Ludwika Koszczyc-Szumska, and a sister of Jozef Szumski (died 1842) and Stanislaw Szumski (1790–1871). In addition to this picture, a young B. Shumska was depicted by J. Rustem in around 1808 in the group “Portrait of Maria Mirska, Barbara Szumska and Adam Napoleon Mirski”.

  • Self-portrait with a Fez. Circus 1824.

    Lithuanian Art Museum

  • Katarzyna Nowomiejska-Fiorentini. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    Katarzyna Nowomiejska-Fiorentini (1796–1831) was the wife of Vilnius merchant Antonio Fiorentini.

  • Jan Gwalbert Rudomina with a Turban. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    Jan Gwalbert Rudomina (1783–1849) was a lawyer, alumnus of Vilnius University and visitator of Vilnius district schools. He collected rich material on Vilnius University and its professorship and wrote a biography of Hieronim Stroynowski (1839).

  • Alosius Capelli. Lithuanian Art Museum.

    Alosius Capelli (1777–1838) was an Italian lawyer, a specialist in civil, criminal and canonical law in 1805–1832, a Vilnius University professor in 1811–1817 and Dean of Literature and the Free Arts Faculty in 1827–1831.