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14 May – 31 December, 2010


Fragment of Alfredas Jonuđas' exhibition "My Way"

Alfredas Jonuđas is a Samogitian artist, which has got the international certificate of jeweler. He was born in Telđiai in 1940. In 1966 he graduated Kaunas Polytechnic Institute. Then he returned to the native town and worked in the training-studio of Telđiai Applied Art Technicum. Here he began to go deep into technology of jewelry art and creative secrets. Then he worked at the group of enterprises “Dailë” (“Art”) in Kaunas and Klaipëda. From 1999 he works at Samogitian museum “Alka”. From 1970 he is a member of folk artist’s union of Lithuania and actively takes part in exhibitions.

In 1992–1993 A.Jonuđas worked as a jeweler at silver’s gallery in Kautokeino (Norway).
In 1995–1996 the exhibition of his works were organized in “Black horse” gallery in Colombo town (USA).
In 1998 Alfredas took part in Smithsonian festival in Washington. The bas-reliefs of amber of White House and Congress (Capitol) created by him have been left in White House.

There was the international exhibition of ornaments of amber in Ribnitz -Damgarten museum in Germany in 1998. The ornament from amber, silver and glass created by A.Jonuđas was sold as the most expensive thing in the auction.

The range of A.Jonuđas creative works is very wide; from archeological to new form’s ornaments. His works distinguish their interesting decision of composition and original use of amber, silver, ivory and fossil ivory.
Alfredas Jonuđas is one of the most popular people in Samogitia. He has created the museum of resistance in his own farmstead. A.Jonuđas is the author and leader of Samogitian – Japanese association of Telđiai County. A lot of people from Lithuania and foreign countries visit Samogitian – Japanese garden created in his farmstead.

This is the 20th A.Jonuđas author’s exhibition and the 7th in the Palanga amber museum.


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