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10 September, 2011 – 21 May, 2012

Cover of invitation

This exhibition marks 100 years since the death of Édouard François André (1840-1911), world renowned French landscape architect and park art theorist, author and editor, architecture professor and traveller. Featuring iconographic material, the exhibition seeks to give a broad overview of E. F. André's unique legacy evident in historical and contemporary photographs of the parks he created in Europe North Africa and Latin America, as well as in the informative texts commenting on the iconographic material.

The exhibition's main focus is on estate parks that E. F André, with his son René, created in Lithuania in the late 19th century, at the Tyszkiewicz family residences in Palanga, Lentvaris, Užutrakis and Trakų Vokė. Viewers are also inviti to ponder the rich creative legacy E. F. Andre that consists not only o the unique parks and gardens that were actually realized, but also his manual "The Art of Gardens" that worldwide recognition, the result of a Latin American expedition and his academic activities


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